The Recipe for a Thanksgiving 2017 Binge

Pick of the Week:
Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil No. 2 introduces us to Cthu-Lou, a poor janitor who became a servant of an ancient old one.  He had a real blue collar Hellboy vibe, just an average Joe who trying his best to cope with his circumstances.  The audience gains a true sense of his character from this issue.  I also love how Lucy continues to treat these deformed former villains as real people.  She restores their humanity by looking past their history and appearance.

Worthy Mentions

Justice League of America No. 19 shows that Prometheus has learned from his first run-in with the Justice League.  Loved how he used After-Thought as bait for a more elaborate trap.

Dr. Aphra No. 14 introduced an interesting character in Rexa and had an interesting reversal in hierarchy/dynamics.

Champions No. 14 showed the Vivian is a true hero and willing to risk all to save her friends.  I am still curious to see if Vision would be a black dude if the High Evolutionary repeated the process on him.

Royals No. 11 finally revealed the Inhuman who died and Wow.  It was such an epic scene and perfectly illustrated who this person is at the core.  Didn’t realize until now  but the far future segments does have a Prophet (Brandon Graham remix of a Liefeld property) vibe.  Oliver Sava pointed it out and it makes perfect sense now.

East of West No. 35 had some quality father & son time with Death & Babylon.

Thanos No. 13 introduced a very fun and cool version of Ghost Rider.  He has an interesting zany personality which is a welcomed change from the brooding and serious Riders of the past.  Love what the God Country creative team is doing so far.

Superman No. 35 loves how Superboy thinks on his feet and is resilient like his parents.

The Wild Storm No. 9 gave us a brief glimpse on John Lynch’s past and also shows how quirky Emp is.

X-Men Blue No. 15 ended one of the more enjoyable X-events over the years (LOOKING AT YOU, BATTLE OF THE ATOM… what did you give us besides throwaway characters).

The Meh Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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