The story of The Nation begins in the year 1996 when a young Adam Black met Mister
Smith while attending Valdosta State University in Georgia. Two years later the core four met
and after discovering a shared interest in professional wrestling formed The KLIQ Nation. Over
the next year, Walker and the Parson would become permanent fixtures of the group and the
Nation was fully realized. is a dream over ten years in the making.  P.S. You can
follow us on Twitter @thekliqnation.


Tim AKA the Mighty Mighty Timdogg—Editor-in-Chief of the site. Tim loves talking comic books, TV, movies, new tech, sports, and pro wrestling. Follow him on Twitter @timdogg98.

Rodney AKA Adam Black—The KLIQ’s resident memory bank. A jack of all trades but master
of none. He will drop useless bits of information that will be interesting unless he’s stating them
in front of his wife. He will often be the lone and only voice of reason where needed in the
KLIQ discussions. Follow him on Twitter @The_Adam_Black.

Mista BAMF—There is a man out there named Mista BAMF that has probably seen 90% of the movies
made in the past thirty years including comedies, dramas, and musicals (High School Musical
does not count). Mista BAMF will let you know what movies suck and which artists didn’t bring it on their
last album.

Mister Smith—The man known only as Smith sometimes is called Roy and grew up excelling in
basketball and track. He spends his days drinking beer and watching sports on TV. But he can
still outrun anybody out there. Roy is the man when talking about sports and hip hop.

Walker—Walker currently spends his days perusing the internet for old school hip hop concerts
on YouTube while running a photography business.

Reggie the Parson—Reggie offers his own eclectic tastes in music (both hip hop and R&B) to
the Nation. 99% of the time the Nation does not agree with Reggie. This makes him a perfect fit
in the group as he gives an opinion that a lot of people do not share.


Agent 70—Level 9 Agent.  Co-host of the “Comic Book Chronicles” video podcast and lifelong New York Mets fan.  Follow him on Twitter @Agent_70.

PCN_DiRT—Co-host of the “Comic Book Chronicles” video podcast.  Best known for hosting various shows on the Pop Culture Network.  He is an authority on comic books, toys, pro-wrestling, and geek culture.  Follow him on Twitter @PCN_DiRT and check out his website

Roddykat—Co-host of the “Comic Book Chronicles” video podcast.  Music loving, techie, gaming, voyeuristic geek.  Follow him on Twitter @Roddykat and his dedicated news feed @newsnerdsneed.