Recipe for 1/24/18

Pick of the Week:
Sherlock Frankenstein & the Legion of Evil #4 reveals the “science hero” origins of Sherlock Frankenstein.  I loved that Frankenstein has a hunchbacked assistant named Igor Watson.  Also found how his foes reflected the various comic ages visually and thematically to very creative.  This issue more or less explains how Lucy Weber found the heroes with the assistant of Sherlock Frankenstein.  Can we talk about David Rubin’s art? He continued to knock it out of the park.  

Avengers #677 presented us with a very human and relate-able Pietro which reminds me of Peter David’s iteration of him vs the usual impatient jerk he plays in most books.  I also found it interesting that Pietro has heightened senses and was able to perceive the attack.  It’s very practical that the Avengers have a hidden and secondary base especially with the frequency that their headquarters is destroyed.  I wonder if the Grandmaster’s opponent is someone brand or an oldie but goodie.  Pepe Larraz is seriously killing it on art and David Curiel added the appropriate tone with his colors.

Inhumans – Judgment Day #1 reminds me of T’Challa ascending to a higher plane and contending with Logos.  I found it extremely interesting that in both cases that mere mortals are able to match and overcome celestial beings.  This issue definitely cemented Medusa’s indomitable will and determination.  I loved the fact that she overcame them to the point that the Progenitor chose to completely avoid the creation of their creations.  The moment between Black Bolt and Medusa perfectly illustrated how their relationship has evolved and grown over the year.  It is a testament to their love that they are able to be there for each other despite not being in love.  I found it interesting that Noh-Varr is genetically engineered to interact with astro gods and wonder how that translates to handling terrestrial gods.  The reveal at the end was completely unexpected.

Worthy Mentions

Doom Patrol #10 makes me wish that I checked out Doom Patrol before Umbrella Academy because this issue feels like an extremely over-the-top issue of Umbrella Academy.  I found the resolution of Lucius Reynold’s story to be interesting and I wonder how he will be when he returns.

Justice League of America #23 gave me High School Biology flashbacks with Vixen using Planaria to regenerate.  I had no idea her abilities were so formidable.  The appearance of Promethea was completely unexpected yet welcomed.  I wonder if her appearance means more characters like Tom Strong or Jonni Future will make an appearance.

Thanos #15 gave me what I always wanted with the revelation of who Ghost Rider truly is.  It’s a role change that made more sense than him emulating Captain America, becoming a black guy (due to 90’s quirkiness), becoming a supernatural being, or becoming Frankenstein’s monster

X-Men Blue #20 gave us a satisfying ending to the Time Capper, my only regret is the other members of the Brotherhood was just Xavier II’s enslaved thrall.  

Southern Bastards #19 continues to remind us that Coach Boss is almost like a Deep South Kingpin.  Even with his kingdom crumbling and his authority threatened, he continues to be defiant and bold. 

Maestro #4 reminded me of an Ugly Americans episode especially their depiction of the Underworl.

The Meh Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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