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Pick of the Week:
Sherlock Frankenstein & the Legion of Evil #3 continues the trend of presenting us with very human and sympathetic villains. The Metal Minotaur who is described as one of the Black Hammer’s greatest villains (if not the greatest) according to Lucy, yet she was his confidante.  Yes, “she”, the Metal Minotaur was an African female super genius along the lines of Lex Luthor.  She also told Lucy, how her father saved her life and how a friendship was formed during her recovery.  We also find out the true nature of the meeting Sherlock held while the heroes were battling the anti-god.   It confirmed that the reformation that occurred in the main series was in fact a genuine change of heart.  I credit Lemire for making such organic and fleshed out characters in such a short time.  Rubin has such range, he can draw fantastic/creepy beasts and detailed mecha/robots in addition to expressive people.  I might be going out on limb by saying this, but this spin-off and the Black Hammer is better than a majority of the super hero malarkey that comes out of the Big Two.

Batman – Creature of the Night #2 gave me the Batman I always wanted in many ways.  This Bruce is more of the rich playboy than any other iteration (he has a semblance of a social life that the main Bruce is grossly lacking).  He also got passed his trauma and is trying to assist people who experienced similar misfortune.  I am curious to find out what Batman is? I am almost convinced that it is an autonomous thoughtform that Bruce’s young mind created during his initial trauma.  I am also glad that the relationship between nephew and gruncle was repaired; Bruce learning that “Alfred” didn’t abandon him as a child rather he saved him from “drama”.

Worthy Mentions

Action Comics #994 reminded me of that Black Mercy story in the sense that Clark experienced the perfect world that he is robbed of.  I wonder if that Eradicator will survive this arc and somehow make it to Zod.

Teen Titans #15 made me wonder how Connor, Cassie, and Bart still exist in the future even though they don’t exist in the present.  Did Dr. Manhattan’s monkeying around with the multiverse only impact the present.

Hawkman Found #1 made Hawkman interesting and compelling again.  This character is such a hit or miss, the alien barbarian iteration was a huge miss for me.  You can’t go wrong with Hitch art and especially on such a kinetic book.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #26 created an interesting character with Omipotentis (a being that consumes universes).  It also makes me wonder how such a creature could exist and the universe still be intact.  It seems like a greater threat than the Phoenix and Galactus combined.

Imaginary Fiend #2 could easily be a cable television series, it’s a bit trippy like a darker Wilfred (the Fx Show starring Elijah Woods).

Thanos #14 irks me in the sense because of the varying magnitude of Blackbolt’s scream.  His voice barely phased Namor but it’s capable of taking out a bunch of Celestials?  I must say that using Galactus’ head as a Throne has to be one of the most metal things ever.  We also learn Thanos’ true name in this issue.  Seems like Thanos will never overcome his love of Death but at least it didn’t prevent him from accomplishing his goals this time around.  I wished that Old Man Thanos “educated” his younger self abit more.

X-Men Blue #18 saddens me a bit because this appears to be one of the last appearance of Teen Jean.  I must say that it’s a bit of a shocker that the teen X-Men were able to kill Magneto.  Seems like Hank can’t help but experiment on himself based on Emma’s memories.  I am curious to see how Warren acquired those flaming swords.

The Kamandi Challenge #12 seems like Jack Kirby is god again.  I must say a cosmic hand drawing the universe is Epic!

Redneck #8 reminds me us that zealotry and vampirism is never a good mix.

Justice League of America #21 must say that Orlando does a good job with Morrison’s toys and Aztek is confirmation of this truth.  There was a female Aztek during Morrison’s run and Orlando fleshed how the current bearer discovered and continued the legacy.  I am curious to see what he would do with Quentin Quire or Noh-Varr.

The Meh Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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