The recipe for 1/17/18

Pick of the Week:
The Mighty Thor #703 explicitly stated the severe cost of being Thor.   Jane could have defeated the big C and lead a normal life if not for bearing the Thor mantle.  The circumstances paint a very bleak picture for her, especially after the warning issued by Stephen Strange.  It also cements Jane as a true hero with the full realization of what her super heroic costs her.  I also found the Odinson trying to scold Mjolnir like a naughty pet, hilarious.  I also wonder if the grievous injuries sustained by Asgardian victims will be permanent, especially Heimdall’s.  The Dauterman & Wilson duo continue to an excellent job on the visuals, truly breathtaking.  

Avengers #676 delighted me that most of the A-list Avengers, like T’Challa and Captain America, are incapacitated because Falcon/Rogue/Bobby get some time to shine during a mega event.  I am curious about Victory and what kind of threat he would pose.  I am also apprehensive about Voyager, she seems like another Sentry-Void.  The Lethal Legion seem like a formidable team and I hope to see more of them.  The flashbacks featuring the Grandmaster and Kang make me wonder if this whole planet theft deal is related to either villains.  The skirmish between the Black Order and the Lethal Legion support this theory.

All New Wolverine #29 continues to present a more fleshed out and complex Daken.  He does not come off as a creepy perv like he does in other books.  I also enjoy his bond with his “sisters”.  This version of Gorgon was also more likable in my opinion, he actually emoted and expressed something other than a constant killing intent.  I also found the Bishonen appearance of Gorgon fitting because he reminded me of similar anti-heroes like Orochimaru and Sesshomaru.  Murumasa reminds me of Totosai in the sense that he crafts amazing weapons using uncommon material such as the character’s very soul.

Worthy Mentions

Batman TMNT II #3 had me with Venom-fueled Bebop & Rocksteady especially since the recent IDW incarnations were so formidable (almost killing Donnie).  The Venom-Enhanced Foot Clan also enhanced the overall threat level of the villains.  It also made perfect sense that Damien would clash with Mickey and Raphael.

Rumble (2017) #2 confirms for me that David Rubin is the perfect successor for James Harren.  The art continues to be gritty and beautiful.

Future Quest Presents #6 was interesting and made me some sort of way because Adult Swim had overwritten Birdman and his rogue gallery as comedic characters.  But this series reestablished them as serious characters.

Nightwing #37 introduced Babe Ruthless who reminded me of Sport Masters (the Young Justice iteration).  

Wonder Woman Conan #5 continues to be a surprisingly enjoyable series who would have thought Conan teaming up with Diana could work. 

Batman #39 slightly confused me with the romantic tension between Bruce and Diana.  In the comics, there was always tension between Clark and Diana, while Bruce and Diana had the tension in the Timm verse.

The Meh Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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