The Recipe for 10/11/17

Pick of the Week:

Birthright No. 27 threw an unexpected monkey wrench with Mikey consciously resisting his granddad and preventing him from learning how he fell into Lore’s thrall. The battle between the “chosen ones” was brutally graceful in the way that Lore completely overwhelmed and toyed with Mikey. Aaron continues to be that small glimmer of hope in this heavy dark story. I am curious about this new paramilitary faction after the Rhodes and wonder if they were in league with any of the mages or a new faction altogether.

Inhumans – Once & Future Kings No. 3 provided us with parallel brotherly tales with the Karnak/Triton recap and Black Bolt/Maximus recap. Karnak brought up a great point: Why would an advanced society adhere to unnecessary and primitive rituals? Especially when Terrigenesis is like genetic Russian Roulette; there’s a chance that an Inhuman can end up adversely impacted like Black Bolt and Triton.

Mister Miracle No. 3 prevents such a gray world with Orion proving to be a tyrant just as brutal as his father. His hatred of Bug’s race is well known but what he has done to them during this war is despicable. The “Darkseid Is” undercurrent makes me wonder if Scott is trapped in some illusion/dream/afterlife.

Runaways No. 2 confirmed my theory about the identity of the mystery person watching Chase and company. It’s cool and quirky on some level to have a super-powered old cat lady. I am curious about Victor because I thought Ultron said that his body would evolve to the point that it would be indistinguishable from a normal human. Gert made a good point about Victor and the Avengers: Don’t think his Judas Protocols were ever removed so he was a ticking time bomb. I wonder if Xavin and Klara will be reunited with the rest of them. I also wonder if they will pull a Kid Omega on Alex and attempt to rehabilitate him.

Worthy Mentions:

X-Men Blue No. 13 put a fresh coat of paint on Mojo and made him interesting/dangerous again. Part of me wonders why Mojo and Arcade never worked together. Maybe Mojo could have made him a producer or series writer.

The Wild Storm – Michael Cray No. 1 presents us with a creepy yet formidable Batman/Green Arrow amalgam and it makes me wonder why a similar entity wasn’t in Dark Nights: Metal.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl No. 25 sadly brings an end to the Ultron Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Falcon No. 1 makes me wonder why Blackheart is even interested in causing such basic criminal trouble.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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