The Prescriptions for 6/21/17

Pick of the Week:

All New Guardians of the Galaxy No. 4 revealed the origins of the Collector’s immortality and it reminds me of Contra 99 lives cheat code for some reason. It also reminds the readers that as surly and grumpy Rocket is, he does possess a soft side. The Groot Forest is a creepy way to die and wonder how they will fare when they encounter the evil Groots.

God Country No. 6 was a satisfying ending with Roy picking up from his dad & settling Attum in epic Kirby fashion. Found it interesting how Aristus’ and Roy mirrored each other with their relationships with their fathers.  Both feel a sense of loyalty and love for men changed by their circumstances (Quinlan’s terrible disease and Attum’s attempt to preserve his kingdom at any cost).  It was touching to see Quinlan empart the precious memories that caused this adventure to his son before he shuffled off his mortal coil.

Nick Fury No. 3 is everything that I wanted Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD to be! Colorful and visual interesting villains, exotic locations, and COOL SPY GADGETS! The pacing is also excellent. It doesn’t linger too long or crawl at any point.

Man-Thing No. 5 was surprisingly satisfying and enjoyable. I sincerely hope that Marvel keeps this iteration of the character going forward. I want to see more of OldFather; he reminds me of Merlin from those old Alan Davis Excalibur book.

Doctor Strange No. 22 leads me to believe that Captain America’s redemption will involve a reality warp or Teen Tony-esque reality bending with how devastated New York is by Mordo’s magic.  Mordo’s fight with Strange’s fridge is comical.  Strange’s home became a character in its own right during Aaron’s run and glad this current creative team is continuing this.The banter overall felt natural and was entertaining.  The Marvel Universe is lucky in one sense that Fisk stays street level because with his resources and determination he could easily be a threat like Magneto/Doom.

Worthy Mentions:

Royals No. 4 revealed what Ronan after the death of his empire and his empowerment.

The Mighty Thor No. 20 revealed the tragic origins of War Thor

The Wild Storm No. 5 introduced us to the current iteration of the Daemonite, gave us a sense of Cray’s character, and revealed Void’s origins.

The Few No. 6 reminds me of that short live NBC show Revolution in tone but the spacing was much faster.

Ultimates 2 No. 8 fleshed out Ego and fortunately didn’t make him like his movie iteration.  I loved how Galactus looked past their former beef and embraced him as his brother.

Superman No. 25 makes me think that being turned into or trapped in a cow is karmic punishment (unless it’s an old Millar book then you get transformed into chickens surrounded by depraved rednecks).

I Hate Fairyland No. 13 revealed poor long suffering Larrigon’s origins.

Nightwing No. 23 continues to test Dick in his personal & “professional” life.  I am surprised to see Magog among that collection of villains.  He’s not a criminal and superheroes don’t really hurt his pockets.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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