Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 7: Amazing Spider-Man #700 Review

In this episode Timdogg is joined by Classick Material and William B. West to discuss the end of an era…..The Amazing Spider-Man #700!  We also delve into the follow-up to The Amazing Spider-Man #700Avenging Spider-Man 15.1.  You can also read Timdogg’s review of #700 here.

Classick Material is the host of the Cold Slither Podcast.  Follow him on Twitter @classickmateria and the Cold Slither Podcast @ColdSlitherPod and check out the website

You can follow William West on Twitter @williambwest and check out his website

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Topics discussed:

First impressions of ASM #700

Thumbs up or thumbs down
Ending….was it anti-climatic?
What would we have done differently?
Back-up stories

First impressions of Avenging Spider-Man 15.1

Thumbs up or thumbs down
Doc Ock’s first four days as Spidey
Enhancements to suit
Doc Ock seeing himself through Spider-Man’s eyes

Superior Spider-Man #1 discussion

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  • HowardtheDeck

    Finally getting to listen to this- it’s the first podcast of any kind I’ve had time for in about 2 months. I DMed with Classick the night I read this- wish I could have joined in on this discussion, as it is the first comic issue I’ve had that many feelings about in a long time. Actually, I think it was the mass reaction to it that I had passionate feelings about more than the issue itself. 

    Bravo- great ep so far. You three are funny and informative as always. That Will guy really should get his own podcast- Tim didn’t even know how to intro someone who doesn’t do a podcast!!