The Prescriptions for 8/30/17

Pick of the Week:

X-Men Blue No. 10 reminds us that curiosity also kills the Beast (seems like that’s Hank’s weakness across space & time. I am curious about Danger now that Jean was able to sense her vitals. I am also curious about Maddie’s friends (I know Kurt and probably Pixie are from her pocket reality, but does the same apply to Peter? I am holding out on a slim chance that Ororo is the same BloodStorm from Mutant X. My only apprehension would be that the resolution of this arc means no more magic Hank or Brute variant form.

Uncanny Avengers No. 26 gives an interesting look at the humanity of Graviton. Dealing with all the grandiose schemes of his peers like Magneto, Red Skull etc., as well as powerful artifacts like the cosmic cube finally broke him. I am surprised at Rogue’s grudge against Wanda; she’s an X-Men for crying out loud.  She is used to teammates being taken over/briefly turned evil/possessed etc. so she should understand the crap that Wanda went through. But I guess being stubborn and oddly irrational also makes her human & someone readers could relate to.

Star Wars No. 35 features the return of Grakkus; easily my favorite Hutt. It was delightful to see his interaction with Solo. I don’t know why I imagine Tim Curry whenever I read his lines but he’s not your typical mustache twirling villain. Grakkus has depth and more than the petty ambition his people are known for.

Infamous Iron Man No. 11 is one of the few comic reveals that actually surprised me and it made a lot of sense. The red herring was a deceptively good one because the motivation made sense. I must say that it’s refreshing to me on some level to see Dr. Doom act normal and wear actual clothes vs wearing his armor all the blasted time.

Jean Grey No. 6 delighted me with Teen Jean finally getting some closure with the looming Phoenix cloud over her head. I am interested to see how the last panel plays out in future issues.

Worthy Mentions:

America No. 6 hit a home run with me as a fan of Morrison’s and Jones’ original Marvel Boy series with what they are doing with the Midas Corporation. There are official landmarks constructed by them and there are now variations of Mindless Ones employed by them as well. America’s grandmother is an interesting character and wouldn’t mind seeing more of her.

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme No. 11 saddens me a bit with this great series drawing to a close. The Mindful One is an endearing character along the lines of Doop and I hope it appears in other series.

Deadpool No. 35 reminds us of the personal cost that Secret Empire had on Wade and the odd yet painful place it leads to its conclusion.

Black Panther No. 17 surprised me that the people of Wakanda still hold Ororo in such high regard and even have a figure in their religious beliefs like her.

All-Star Batman No. 13 continues to flesh out Alfred’s military past.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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