The Prescription for 8/16/17

Pick of the Week:

Ultimates 2 No. 100 marks the end of a delightful Marvel series. T’Challa remained consistent with his knack for making the impossible happen in his defeat of the Big Bad’s “dragon.” The feat was so epic that Galactus himself had to make a comment about the scene. I was pleased that the One-Above-All made a minor appearance and declared that his weapon is love. I love how the creative team has shaped the cosmology of the Marvel Universe. It’s surprising that the Light Bringer still remains at the end of the series.

U.S. Avengers No. 9 I loved the reminder how creative and versatile Toni is in her ingenious use of bubblegum and old TV parts. It also made me wonder if a Red Hulk Thunderclap is weaker than a Green Hulk Thunderclap.  The prospect of Glenbrook has my mind firing with anticipation.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy No. 8 perfectly illustrated how despite being dysfunctional the Guardians is a loving family at its core. It made me realize an interesting quirk with the Kree Nega-Band. Talonar is an interesting foil for Quill and I hope that he makes a return in the future.

X-Men Blue No. 9 is one of the more enjoyable X-series. I had forgotten how snarky Danger was but her interaction with Marrow & Rahne was a stern reminder. I also dig how Ice Hulk seems to be Bobby’s default combat form. I also love how the creative team ties what happened in previous arcs to this one.

Worthy Mentions:

The Totally Awesome Hulk No. 22 marks the end of the Weapon H event and the introduction of Doomsda… err WolveHulk.

Royals No. 6 reintroduces us to the Universal Inhumans and made me wonder if that Tuning Fork headpiece is for fashion or actually serves a purpose.

The Mighty Thor No. 22 made me wonder why Ultimate Mjolnir is turning Volstagg into a Berserker when its previous owner didn’t have such rage/anger.

Generation X No. 5 gives Eye Boy some shine this issue.

Dark Nights: Metal No. 1 introduced us to JL Voltron by way of the otaku Toyman.

Southern Bastards No. 17 made me smile as I watched the Coach’s world crumbles around him. There’s something satisfying about villains reaping the Karma of their actions.

Secret Weapons No. 3 felt like a modern remix of the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

Winnebago Graveyard No. 3 seems like an idea that could easily be transitioned into a Netflix miniseries.

Jack Kirby’s 100 – Sandman Special No. 1 was such a zany and trippy concept that I wished would be fully revived under Young Animal, I know that Sandman & Co already made a small appearance in Bug.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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