Prescriptions for 6/28/17

Pick of the Week:

Batman Elmer Fudd No. 1 surprised me with how well Bug & his “Rogue Gallery” fit in Bat’s grim and gritty world. It was the comic equivalent of peanut butter and chocolate. I was equally impressed that Fudd was actually able to hold his own against Bats.

Batman The Shadow No. 3 revealed that Bruce is destined to be the Shadow’s successor.  Stag proves to be an interesting villain and the Kenan to the Joker’s Kel, which works. Don’t think the story would flow well with two unhinged and deranged villains. Alfred’s interaction with the Shadow flowed naturally as well; it didn’t feel a simple “Here’s point A & over there is point B” conversation.

Defenders No. 2 made Diamondback interesting to me unlike his Netflix iteration. The tone and pacing of the book reminded me of the Daredevil Netflix series. The cameo from Blade was welcomed & unexpected also reminded that every black superhero knows each other in the Marvel Universe.

Occupy Avengers No. 8 has me feeling some type of way with the reveal that Nighthawk was murdered out of costume for simply being a black man. It also provided an expected laugh with Clint leaving the door open during his romp with Natasha.  Nighthawk’s rallying speech felt natural and organic. Nothing beats a van that transforms into a battle mecha  (Marvel should make this into a toy ASAP)!

Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme No. 22 continues to be more satisfying than the main Strange title. The Author is a visually interesting villain but other than that he felts like most of Strange’s rogues. Howard the Duck surprisingly worked in that weird mix. I am glad that the Mindful One is back as well.

Supergirl Being Super No. 4 continues to be a very satisfying Supergirl series to the extent that it made me wish the creative team were at the helm for the CW show.

Worthy Mentions:

Cable No. 2 has Nate fighting a dastardly time traveler yet again. Glad that Nate no longer has the Techno Organic Virus (knock-on-wood) so we get treated to his cool cybernetics. Part of me wishes that he has the cool Garrison Kane features like Rocket Fists.

Mother Panic No. 8 revealed the origins of her powers and shows her moving past her need for vengeance & towards Justice.

Paklis No. 2 reminds me of Liquid Television and the time when MTV has a creative and trippy animation block.

Rednecks No. 3 reminds me of a mix of Near Dark & American Vampire and seems ripe for a transition to television.

X-Men Blue No. 6 showed me that Jimmy is a great fit for the team and the Raksha were interesting guest stars.

Spider-Gwen No. 21 made me realize how much I needed this version of Kitty and Logan.

Jean Grey No. 3 continues to show us the high cost of being the host of the Phoenix.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur No. 20 delights me that this book hasn’t been consumed by a wretched mega event and continues to have such a wholesome adventure.

Secret Weapons No. 1 reminds me of Heroes with a dash of Legion of Superheroes

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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