Prescriptions for 7/5/17

Pick of the Week:

Deathstroke No. 21 impressed me with how Slade does things on his own terms including joining the side of the angels. The Terra element confused me a bit. I figured with her past and history with Slade, he would be able to spot her as an obvious mole.  The other odd point is why would Slade’s ex use her? I am curious to see how this all ends. It would be awesome if this was a lasting thing, maybe along the line of Teen Titans meets Justice League Black/X-Force.

Extremity No. 5 reminded me of the original Avatar series for some odd reason.  This series showed that a man with nothing to lose is also a man without any mercy and a man capable of repaying horror with horror.

Justice League No. 24 delighted me with how Arthur identified why Bats is dangerous and Bats’ reaction to someone noticing this fact was priceless. Mera’s display of power made me wish Aquaman had those powers vs talking to fish. Overall, I loved how she took out the entire team on her own, a feat which probably earned her a place on Bats’ takedown list.

Nightwing No. 24 continues to be the best Bat book and I loved how it showcased Dick’s combat prowess in handling the super villain army!

Avengers No. 9  was the perfect illustration of why Jane is a great Thor and how resilient she truly is.

Worthy Mentions:

Nick Fury No. 4 intrigued with the prospects of Atlantean HYDRA and SHIELD agents. I love how this series has the globe trotting spy noir exotic location vibes.

Iron Fist No. 5 made me wished that Marvel invested some time and energy is creating a Iron Fist based fighting game.

Jupiter’s Legacy No. 5 underwhelmed with how quick Walter’s death was. It almost seems like he got off easy after all the pain & trouble he inflicted on the world.

Skybourne No. 4 made me think the centaur & unicorn scene was Cho trolling his critics again.

The Unstoppable Wasp No. 7 delighted me with how Janet & Nadia are interacting and connecting as a family.

Superman No. 26 intrigued me with how Jon’s relationship with Daiman motivated him to step his game up (much to Clark’s chagrin).

Savage Things No. 5 continues to make me wish that AMC or another cable network bought the rights to this series.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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