Prescriptions for April 6th 2017

Nova #5 header

Pick of the Week:

Nova No. 5 reveals what happened to the World Mind. It also makes me wonder how Star-Lord and Thanos escaped the Cancerverse without being tainted like Rider.  I also wonder if the presence of the World Mind means that eldritch horrors Novas are possible.

X-O Manowar No. 1 reminds me of a western in the sense that a great warrior has given up combat for a peaceful life.

Extremity No. 2 reminded me of a Shonen manga and super sentai series with the epic save by Shiloh.  It also reveals the reason behind the blood feud.

Nightwing No. 18 brings Dick into the strange multiversal mystery that currently consumes Bruce.

Deathstroke No. 20 surprised that Slade worked so well with a younger more pure character.  Makes me wonder why DC never tried to ape New Mutants/X-Force by having Slade mentor young heroes.

Worthy Mentions:

Spider-Man No. 15 disappoints me in the sense that Rio is back but the understanding between mother and son are gone.  On the plus side, father and son are pretty close.

Sunbakery No. 2 still feels lIke a video game.

Superman No. 20 intrigues with the possibility that Super boy should be more powerful than his dad.  I also wonder what’s up with that cow.

Savage Things No. 2 reminds me of Dexter in the sense that a monster is used to stop other monsters.

Paper Girls Splits No. 13 makes me wonder if the girls created some time paradox with the message they found in previous issues.

Shade the Changing Girl No. 7 revealed her past and the source of her motivation.  It also had the usual teenage drama betrayal.

Avengers No. 6 made me wonder how Kang can be removed from the board so cleanly without ruining the fabric of time. Guess Hank McCoy broke time to a degree that this doesn’t matter.

Black Cloud No. 1 present us with an interesting world that reminds me of Inception with a dash of the Never Ending Story.

James Bond Black Box No. 2 reminds me of the high octane Daniel Craig iteration of 007.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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