The Recipe for 1/31/18

Pick of the Week:
Spider-Gwen #28 reveals the origins of the Murdoch Kingpin.  I am glad that he is vastly different from the Shadowland flavor of the evil Matt Murdoch.  I found it interesting that the dynamics between Gwen and Matt mirror the Joker and Batman: Gwen gives Matt a reason to live/exist.  Rodriguez and Renzi continue to give the book a unique flare that walks the fine line between moody, vibrant and animated.

Avengers #678 provided Johnny with the opportunity to shine like Pietro did in the previous issue.  His actions made perfect sense especially his impulsive sacrifice.  Found it interesting that Vision had no idea who Voyager is, perhaps whatever glamour she is casting only works on organic brains.  I also wonder if she is responsible for the Avengers trapped in the stasis fields; maybe she froze those who could warn the others about her potential threat.  Overall, it is one of the more enjoyable and entertaining megaevents.  Pepe Larraz continues to kill it on art and David Curiel added the appropriate tone with his colors.

Jean Grey #11 intrigued me that the White Hot Room was fleshed out even more.  It initially felt like some zen limbo when Morrison introduced it.  It is more interesting as an adaptive hell/purgatory.  I am glad that the creative team chose to acknowledge the characterization that Jason Aaron has added to the Phoenix during his Thor run.  The Phoenix is more interesting written this way versus another cosmic force of nature like Galactus.

Worthy Mentions

JLA Doom Patrol #1 surprised me that it was a continuation of Doom Patrol #10.  I wonder if this means that Danny is now a grandfather.  I am surprised to see the return of Manga Khan, I was not expecting to see him at all.  I actually want to see more of Carl Lobo, that character definitely stood on in this One Shot and stole the show.

Doctor Aphra #16 continues to be one of the few consistently good Star Wars books.  I  want to see Aphra and her motley crew of minions transition into the small or big screen

The Silencer #1 reminds me of Romita Jr’s Blood and Metal Cable Limited series, especially due to the mechanical design.  It’s always a pleasure to see John Romita Jr to go crazy with the detail.

Motherlands #1 gave us what we come to expect tone-wise from Spurrier.  

Bonehead #2 has a strong cyberpunk vibe without going heavy on the technobabble.

All New Wolverine #30 continues to flesh out and evolve Laura as a character especially since she has overcome many of the demons that plagued her father and siblings.  I am also glad that she has a good relationship with Daken, their relationship humanizes him and makes me less of a clique.

The Meh Pile:

Dark Knight Metal #5… nuff sed

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