The 2017 Festivus Recipes

Pick of the Week:
Batman #37 was a fantastic issue on so many levels.  The double date was the perfect opportunity for Selina and Lois to interact with each other.  I don’t remember them really being around each other outside of Jeph Loeb’s and Carlos Pachecho’s Absolute Power arc on Batman/Superman.  The costume change banter between Bruce and Clark was playful and what one would expect from them.  The tunnel of love scene was a great illustration of the stage of love both couples are at: Clark & Lois are that experienced and mature married couple while Bruce & Selina are hot & heavy like honeymooners.  King has definitely replaced Dennis O’Neil as my favorite Batman writer and his Bruce feels so organic and real.  I am now curious to see what King could do with Matt Murdoch (and part of me hopes that Marvel can swoop him up to make this a reality).  Can we talk about the Clay Mann art? Seriosuly, the art was beautifully and vibrant.  The man characters’ figures weren’t stiff or cheese cake.  The faces were distinct and unique as well.  After seeing what he did with those “cosplayers”, I want to see what he can do on Justice League, Teen Titan, hell even Aquaman!

Worthy Mentions

Justice League #35 reminded me of those old Transformers episodes featuring Kremzeek (those electric pests that eventually became a huge problem).  Fortunately, it was not stale or boring like those episodes.  Also found it interesting that another shape shifting alien (the other being Xavin from the Runaways) chose a black person as his default human disguise. This issue made me realize how much I missed Pete Wood’s art, his art always felt like a healthy middle ground between Jim Lee and the late Mike Wieringo..

Super Sons 11 & Superman #37 reintroduced the Hypertime concept (seems like most writers outside of Morrison avoided it).  Both issues show that Tim is just as ruthless and determined as his mentor.  It also makes me wonder if Dick is the only “child” of Bruce who escaped this dark legacy of isolation and aggression.  I was also delighted to see the Titans of Tomorrow because I am hoping that Conner and Cassie return much like the original Wally West.

Family Trade #3 reminds me of a Hickman book where the single issues are a satisfying snack and a complete arc/trade is the hearty meal.  This issue was enjoyable but I am left with a hunger for more (which is a good thing overall).

Future Quest Presents #5 makes me wish that Future Quest was animated so this new generation of kids gets a taste for these classics outside of dated Boomerang reruns.  This issue redeems Birdman as a serious character in my eyes.  After years of watching Harvey Birdman & Space Ghost Coast to Coast, those characters had become comedic gems.

The Meh Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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