The Recipe for 11/8/17

Pick of the Week:
Birthright No. 28 finally revealed what transpired between Lore and Michael after months of hinting and teasing.  The world became more gray as a result.  Lore brought up a good point about gaining a happy ending through murder.  Would his murder truly bring peace and end all that troubles Terrenos.  I want to know how Rya seemingly pulled her large sword from thin air.  The way the issue ended continues the series tradition of ending with some dramatic cliff hanger. Can’t help but pity Aaron due to the stuff he goes through and suffers.  This world is almost as bleak as the Mignolaverse minus the brief glimmers of light that come through jokes.

Mister Miracle No. 4 made me question the very nature of the series.  Is Scott dead and trapped in some sort of cruel purgatory. Has he fallen victim to the Anti-Life Equation? I loved how fiercely defensive and tender Barda is with Scott.  They are truly one of the few power couples left in comicdom.  I loved when Scott lashed out at Orion and put him in his place.  Wonder what would have happened if Barda didn’t stop him from going further.

Runaways No. 3 showed me how broken and damaged, Nico is and how much she needs the gang to keep her head above the water.  Gertrude brought up a great point about the current state of her relationship with Chase and it was a concern I had as well since she’s about 15 and he’s 21-22.  It seems like he gets that thankfully.  I wonder if Chase will rebuild Victor or will have some advanced tech within his head to rebuild his body.  It looks like Molly might be in legitimate danger and need rescuing.  Wonder if Xavin or Klara will be recruited next? Or does Alex have a shot at redemption as well?

Worthy Mentions

Justice League of America No. 18 found it funny how easy it was for Prometheus to take apart the league this time around.  It reminds me of the Tower of Babel arc created some lingering bad blood between the League and Batman.  Looks like Prometheus has stirred up some issues that will have lingering hurt well after the arc is over.

Royals No. 10 definitely convinced me that all of the crew is not coming back from this.  So far, Maximus, Noh-Varr & Flint definitely survive.

Star Wars No. 38 introduced another potential interesting villain in the form of Commander Kanchar.  I wonder why he has such a crude cybernetic arm when more sophisticated ones are available and present.

Uncanny Avengers No. 29 continues the string of L that Juggernaut has been taking in his recent appearances.

Michael Cray No. 2 apparently sets up Deathblow vs World Storm’s Justice League.

Despicable Deadpool No. 288 gave us vampire dinos… what else can I say? Vampire Dinosaurs! If one was scary enough, they were combined!

Detective Comics No. 968 surprised me with the Hypertime reference.  Thought DC threw away that concept.  I am tempted to say that the Tim Batman might be my favorite Batman.

Batman Lost No. 1 makes me wonder if Bruce could truly give up his vendetta, become a family man & live long enough to be a granddad

The Meh Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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