The Recipe of 10/25/17

Pick of the Week:

X-Men Blue No. 14 actually made Mojo more of a threat rather than an occasional annoyance. His “shows” actually proved to be challenges for the combined X-squads and took out power players. I am delighted to see that Teen Hank still has access to his monstrous mage form. It seems like Teen Scott and Vamp Ororo have the groundwork for a meaningful relationship. Part of me wonders where Spiral is, since she is Mojo’s number one henchwoman.

Worthy Mentions

Golgotha GN felt like the perfect premise/concept to follow Dark Matter on SyFy.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur No. 24 features more Mojo and it made me wonder why he didn’t just clone Devil Dinosaur instead of pawning off the X-Babies.

Jean Grey No. 8 was a brief review/cliff-notes for Morrison’s wacky X-Men run.

Batman the Merciless No. 1 made me wonder what would happen if our Bruce lost Selina since it seems like the evil Bruce’s all snapped when they lost their loved ones.

DC House of Horrors No.1 had some legitimately scary tales like Bump in the Night, Man’s World, and Blackest Night (which despite my hatred of zombies was more enjoyable than Marvel Zombies).

Batman Beyond No. 13 made me wish that the animated series was still on.

First Strike No. 6 made me wonders what television series writers could do with this concept since Transformers Prime and G.I. Joe: Renegades was enjoyable.

Despicable Deadpool No. 288 is a friendly reminder that the TVA is an utterly useless organization. It’s a pity that Old Man Fury wasn’t put in charge of the TVA to make them more competent. Or at least let one of the many Kang variants take over.

Justice League of America No. 17 revealed where else Dr. Manhattan has been causing chaos and also paints the groundwork for the return of Prometheus and Afterthought’s alliance. I only wished that they had teamed up to square off against the Midnighter.

America No. 8 adds another dimension to young Ms. Midas making her more than her dad’s tool like Jason Aaron’s depiction.

The Meh Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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