The Recipe for 10/4/17

Pick of the Week:

Black Bolt No. 6 definitely elevated and humanized Crusher Creel in my eyes over the course of the series. Creel became more than a brutish thug who frequently tangled with Thor/Hulk. He was willing to sacrifice life/freedom/seeing his wife again to guarantee that his fellow prisoners could taste freedom. But based on Creel’s power set, I am sure that he’ll eventually reform and return. The Jailer was more a plot device than an actual character. I hope that they eventually flesh him in the future. The story of the Inhuman that was banished to this hellish prison & what crime led him to this point.

Royals No. 9 made me wonder if the Progenitors experimented on all of the Kree or a select group of the alien race and they wiped out the unaltered Kree. The recent hookup highlighted Gorgon’s tender side with his interaction with Medusa. I wonder if Flint is added to the list of confirmed survivors with what was shown in the distant future. The World Farm reminded me of a mix of Kirby imagination and Morrison zaniness. I wonder what the relationship between the Celestials and the Progenitors.

All New Guardians of the Galaxy No. 11 revealed Talonar’s true identity and his relationship to Rich Rider. It also confirmed that these current Raptors are different from the Darkhawk variety. I hope they reveal what led to this change in the ranks.

Extremity No. 7 gave us a sense of how deep this feud between the Paznina and the Roto is. I can’t shake the original Avatar vibe. The Paznina remind me of the Fire Nation and Roto remind of the Water Tribe, and the much desired “small god,” Shiloh is a stand-in for Aang.

Worthy Mentions:

Slots No. 1 is another series like Southern Bastard that I would love to see on the small or big screen.

Regression No. 5 reminds me of the creepy experimental horror movies that you would see on cable tv during the wee hours of the morning.

All-Star Batman No. 14 was a nice conclusion of an Alfred focused tale. Hope to see more of the Alfred clone in the future.

Justice League No. 30 surprised me with the revelation of Sovereign’s true identity and how Aquaman became so damaged.

Spider-Man No. 21 surprised me that Cable has an interest in Miles and knows his dad.

Avengers No. 672 and X-Men Gold No. 13 reminded me of those old super hero team-up/fellowship issue that I loved as a kid.

Star Wars No. 37 feels like the Scar Squadron would be better suited in a Call of Duty style video game instead of a comic.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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