Prescriptions for 9/6/17

Pick of the Week:

Inhumans – Once & Future Kings No. 2 seemed to be a firm reminder that advanced societies are not without their flaws. Not sure why they would have need for slaves or a device that transforms other intelligent beings into their slave caste. It is also interesting that the Alpha Primitives are created versus being unfortunate souls who got the short end of the Terrigenesis stick. Elisha is an interesting character and reveals that the Alpha Primitives have the capacity to improve themselves. My only concern is the continuity since this series and the Black Bolt series conflict on the matter of Lockjaw.

Black Bolt No. 5 gave a definitive answer on what Lockjaw is and gave us an origin story for him.  It also redeemed Black Bolt in my eyes from his heel move from the previous issue.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy No. 9 revealed what exactly happened to Groot, how he ended up in his current predicament, and Rocket’s overall feeling about that fatal day. It also revealed who is behind the “evil” Groot horde. The final panel was completely unexpected, guess their adventures are more entertaining than the X-Men so that’s why a certain somebody is in the mix.

Royals No. 7 expanded Marvel’s rich cosmology with the revelation that the Kree themselves are experiments & were created like their Inhuman offshoots. I wonder how different their creators are from the Celestials who created Eternals and Deviants from the developing dominant species.

Worthy Mentions:

Generations – Ironman & Iron Heart No. 1 made me wonder how soon Stark would be the next Sorcerer Supreme and if the future that RiRi saw was a possible timeline instead of definite future.

Edge of Venomverse – War Stories No. 1 made me wish that the Punisher Venom was the next major design change for Frank instead of War Machine.

Champions No. 12 reminded me of Teen Titans Go in the sense that Scott is a major buzzkill like Robin is.

Darth Vader No. 5 made me wish that Anakin’s hallucination was how things actually ended between him and Palpatine.

Daredevil No. 26 & Justice League No. 30 were a bit clumsy and obvious with the reveals.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.
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