Prescriptions for 8/23/17

Pick of the Week:

Generation Gone No. 2 feels like Hackers meets Misfits/Heroes but without the unlikable or moronic characters. Glad the main characters bypassed the need to record themselves using their powers or broadcasting it on YouTube/SnapChat/WorldStar.

Rednecks No. 5 reminded me of a mix of Hotel Transylvania and Near Dark with the patriarch who doesn’t believe in existing peacefully with humans and a clan of vampires taking pity on/adopting a recently turned vampire.

Batman The Shadow No. 8 revealed the secret behind the Stag’s immortality which makes things more interesting as well as creepy. It almost seems like Joker and Stag should switch arch-foes. I think they would both challenge their prospective heroes and force them to adapt and grow in order to emerge on top.

Worthy Mentions:

Lazarus X 66 No. 2 feels like someone took bits of Metal Gear Solid‘s cyborg ninja characters and added depth and drama to the overall narrative.

Action Comics No. 986 gave us a glimpse of Lex’s full armor capabilities in addition to that possible red herring/hint at Mr. Oz’s true identity.

Batman Beyond No. 11 surprised me with a decent and somewhat well-adjusted version of adult Damian Wayne. Damian definitely has to be one of the top if not the best fighters in the DC with his battle against the cybernetic Batsuit.

Generations – The Unworthy Thor and the Mighty Thor No. 1 was a friendly reminder that Odin is a horrible father and makes me wonder if Odin hooked up with the Phoenix Force while it had a host or was it disembodied. Also makes me wonder if Odin has some cosmic kid running around the universe (no one knew about Angela, he could be the Mick Jagger of Sky Fathers).

Edge of Venomverse No. 5 reintroduces us to Venompool.

Weapon X No. 7 revealed some of Weapon H’s past and provided some insight into his character.  It also made me wonder if there’s a place in the Marvel U for such a character. He seems too powerful to exist at his current strength level & it leads me to believe that he will gain some sort of weakness if he does survive it.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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