Prescriptions for 8/2/17

Pick of the Week:

Black Bolt No. 4 reminded me of a mix of Rick & Morty and the Venture Bros with Niles Cauldor filling a Rick/Rusty Venture role and Cliff feeling the Brock Role. I wouldn’t mind seeing an animation block of Cartoon Network with Young Animal.

Avengers No. 10 cemented my view that humanity isn’t ready for first contact and would probably respond violently to a non-humanoid alien race. Taskmaster felt like the Hawkeye/Black Widow of the group.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy No. 7 revealed the reason behind Drax’s pacifism and how much of his previous life was retained. It also demonstrated some growth on his part with the way he dealt with the tragedy.

Extremity No. 6 truly made the world more gray when revenge has a higher priority than the life of your child. I can’t shake the Last Airbender vibe I am getting.

East of West No. 34 amazes me that 30+ issues in, the creative team is still on fire and balancing so many characters & subplots.

Injection No. 14 continues to give Brigid some time to shine. The Injection reminds me of Skynet but with a UK sci-fi twist.

Worthy Mentions:

Ghost Station Zero No. 1 felt like a gender swapped James Bond tale.

Justice League No. 26 reminded me of the Next Avengers animated film. Dug the future Aquaman just wished that he had a cybernetic crab pincer instead of a stump.

Nightwing No. 26 is another reminder that Bruce’s first kid is the most well adjusted.

Deathstroke No. 22 is a true depiction of a hero for hire.

Green Lanterns No. 28 showed us how lethal a Lantern ring can be without its built-in limitations.

Iron Fist No. 6 continues to feel like one of those button mashing tournament fighting games.

Nick Fury No. 5 had an intriguing idea that reminds me of GI Joe’s Springfield, a town where every citizen is an assassin.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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