Prescriptions for 7/25/17

Pick of the Week:

Doom Patrol No. 7 reminded me of a mix of Rick & Morty and the Venture Bros with Niles Cauldor filling a Rick/Rusty Venture role and Cliff feeling the Brock Role. I wouldn’t mind seeing an animation block of Cartoon Network with Young Animal.

Edge of Venomverse No. 3 made me realize how much I needed a Ghost Rider/Venom hybrid. I foolishly thought that a Punisher Venom hybrid was the best. That ape Deadpool/Doc Ock mashup is something else.

Occupy Avengers No. 9 manages to keep its identity despite the forced mega event tie-in. Wonder if Clint will eventually be redeemed when they find out Cap’s involvement in setting Bruce up to die.

Doctor Aphra No. 10 is such a unique Star Wars series. The murder duo has to be one of the best droids in fiction. I hope that the next tv series uses this as the mold.

BPRD – The Devil You Know No. 1 shows us that evil is still present and active despite the major players being removed from the table.

X-Men Blue No. 8 delighted me with the return of Danger and Polaris. Polaris’ appearance makes sense (probably a favor to dear old dad) but I wonder why Danger is there. I am also surprised that they were aware of Young Hank’s magic powers.

Worthy Mentions:

Weapon X No. 6 seems like they were delaying the appearance of Weapon H too much.

Spider-Gwen No. 22 reveals the origins of Alt Logan & Kitty.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur No. 21 made me wish for more Moon Girl & Devil Girl.

Infamous Iron Man No. 10 adds to the confusing narrative as Doom as the Lord of Latveria, is he a benevolent king who loves/protects the citizen or a cruel despot that benefits from his people’s suffering. It makes me wish that Marvel gives us a definitive answer instead of being subject to the writer’s vision of Doom.

All-Star Batman No. 12 added some layer to Tiger Shark that was missing in his recent Nightwing appearance and also illustrates Bruce’s appreciation of all life, even his enemies.

Black Panther No. 16 feels like it’s all over the place at the moment, the weird elder gods stuff and Fenris (with their racist monkey talk), and the Wakandan council.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps No. 25surprised at how greatly the Green made their bed and slept in it. Sinestro is like a cockroach, always crawls back from whatever hell Hal puts him through.

Paklis No. 3 reminds me of those old space opera animes that I grew up on.

Savage Dragon No. 225 surprised that Larsen revived a gag from his Peter David beef.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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