Prescriptions for 7/19/17

Pick of the Week:

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy No. 6 really illustrates that dysfunctional family vibe with the argument amidst the battle with the Raptors. It’s cool to learn the origins of the Milano and see more of the Raptors. The evil Grootlings side story is fleshing out nicely. I can’t wait to see these parallel stories converge.

Ultimates 2 No. 9 continues to flesh out and reshape the Marvel Cosmos in amazing ways. Eternity Watch is a nice homage and upgrade of Infinity Watch. Not sure if the previous Ultimates have the power to contend with the 616 Ultimates.  It’s also interesting to see T’Challa potentially becoming host to the Tiger God. It would be “funny” if Shuri was reinstated as Black Panther and T’Challa became the new White Tiger. I am also delighted to see Travel Foreman returning to art duty as well. I hope Galactus remains the Light Bringer when this is all over and someone else get burdens with being the devourer of worlds.

U.S. Avengers No. 8 reminded me of Justice League International in the sense that the roster wasn’t limited to American heroes and the line-up not being comprised of well known heroes. The Yinsen & Toni Ho thing made me scratch my head a bit, always thought that he would be too old to have a daughter so young (but comics). It also reminded me how wonderfully weird and surprising space in the MU is with the introduction of Howard Mason.

The Mighty Thor No. 21 perfectly illustrates the need for a War Thor. A brutal Thor is the only solution for the extreme forces that have arisen during the War of Realms. This development places Volstagg in an interesting predicament and I wonder how he will cope once this entire war is just a memory.

Aquaman No. 26 surprised me with how interesting Haladin is as a villain. He stands out where Rath is just another dime-a-dozen usurper and eugenics opposed villain. This iteration of Dolphin is just full of surprises and I wonder if she and Arthur will be an item in the future.

Nightwing No. 25 made me aware of the current Clock King (didn’t know he existed before this). Tiger Shark reminded me of the Hood in the sense he had the illusion of power and control but lacked what’s necessary to truly maintain it. Roland Desmond is an interesting villain as well reminds me of a mix of Wilson Fisk and Bane.

Worthy Mentions:

The Totally Awesome Hulk No. 21 resembles one of those slow burn Hickman that are more enjoyable in trade format.

Batman 66 Meets The Legion of Super Heroes No. 1 was a nice and wholesome tale that gave me feels because of the recent loss of Adam West.

America No. 5 reminded me of Thelma & Louise with elements of the second Matrix film for some odd reason. Midas Corps interest in America & her school makes perfect sense.

Darth Maul No. 5 paints Maul in an almost Vegita light with their shared desire to better themselves and find a suitable opponent to test themselves against.

I Hate Fairyland No. 14 reminded me of an episode of Drawn Together with the weirder elements of Frankenhole.

Descenders No. 22 left me with all sorts of feels like the cliffhanger ending.

Astonishing X-Men No. 1 is a reminder that the X-Men has to be one of the most forgiving super hero teams out there with the likes of Bishop, Fantomex, Gambit, and Old Logan in their ranks.

Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows No. 9 made Mary Jane stand out as one of the few people who ever mentally overcame and conquered the symbiote (the other one being Frank Castle).

Kill the Minotaur No. 2 presents us with a Minotaur that seems to be more than a ravenous beast.

Winnebago Graveyard No. 2 has all of the elements that made a horror movie truly scary back in the day.  Also made me reluctant to go on a road trip.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.
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