Prescriptions for 5/12/17

Pick of the Week:

Bug the Adventures of the Forager No. 1 has to be one of the better examples of Kirby as a Genre. I am curious to see where the Allred family takes this series.  I am unfamiliar with this version of Sandman but I am ignore to learn more about him.

Deadpool No. 30 convinced me that Wade needs more cosmic/space adventures.  The jokes were actually decent and hope the animated series retain this series’ energy.

Avengers No. 7 impressed with Victor and Nadia’s initial meeting to the point almost want Victor to form his own future foundation with Nadia, Lunella, Amadeus, and other young genius.  Could you imagine Victor in a teacher/mentor role?

Future Quest No. 12 provided a satisfying end of a series that the wee lad in me loved! Part of me hope that Cartoon Networks makes an animated series out of it.

X-Men Blue No. 3 impressed me with the team’s handling of Bastion and their common sense approach with dealing with this situation.  It reminded me of an old X-Force issue where the team confronted a rebuilt Nimrod and convinced it to turn off because the unprecedented havoc its activation would wreak.

The Rise of the Black Flame TPB revealed the origins of the WWII era Black Flame and fleshed out his link to the overall Mignolaverse.

Star Wars – The Screaming Citadel No. 1 delighted me with the introduction of a strong horror element to this franchise.  This should be a good challenge to young master Skywalker.

Worthy Mentions:

All Star Batman No. 10 provided a look at Alfred’s checkered past.  It made me want to see a young already series.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 27 gives you a sense of Norman’s high functioning insanity which reminded me of his Ultimate iteration.  It was nice to see the Wild Pack.  All of the Spider-gear, almost makes me wish that Parker pulled a Stark and takes over as acting head of SHIELD.  Could you imagine elite SHIELD agents with cutting edge Spider-Gear?!

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows No. 7 makes part of me wish that Shine ends up in the main Marvel U. Finally Logan has a kid who has a decent childhood.

Weapon X No. 3 felt like a Summer Blockbuster version of Grumpy Old Men with Creed and Logan.

Rocket No. 1 brought back the Technet and introduced a lost love of Rocket’s.  The Technet take me back to being a wee lad and collecting X-Men cards illustrated by Jim Lee.

Detective Comics No. 956 gave some closure to the Lady Shiva arc.

Titans No. 11 showed us a rarely seen softer side of Slade and makes me wonder why Slade never thought about it earlier.

Action Comics No. 979 returns the Cyborg Superman that I know and loathe.  It feels better as a dark reflection of Reed Richards with a Victor Von Doom-like grudge.

The Fix No. 9 feels like it is ripe for a transition into a Netflix or cable series.

Ms. Marvel No. 18 showed us what Bruno’s been up to since he left NJ.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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