Prescriptions for 4/26/17

Pick of the Week:

The Mighty Thor No. 18 delighted me with the return of Krakoa and Kid Omega.  I also loved how the Asgardians fared against the Sh’iar pantheon.  I am partially surprised that the Phoenix is the big bad for this, thought with the multiverse being reborn with some quirks, that some First Firmament holder would be the big bad.

Ultimates 2 No. 6 surprised me with the revelation that Adam & Monica were able to fuse into a more powerful entity which reminded me of Rebis for some reason.  The First Firmament is an interesting yet surprisingly human cosmic threat.

X-Men Blue No. 2 delights me on some level with the slight Beast Magic Melding reveal.  The look into Maggie’s head was enlightening.  I am curious about how the Sentinels will be remixed this time around. I must praise Jorge Molina’s design work on this book, particularly Angel’s design.  I also love how his teens actually look like teenagers!

Occupy Avengers No. 6 made Skrulls interesting and enjoyable again.  It reminded of the Justice League Unlimited episode where Martian Manhunter was blending into the point where he has a human companion.

Street Angel ASKFS provided a short and sweet adventure.  I am surprised that Teen Nick or Disney never tried to transform this into an animated series.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur No. 18 brings the Killer Folk back briefly.  I wonder when this story takes place in relation to Doom becoming/trying to be a decent person.  I love how Lunella is managing the heroics and civilian life better than most of her much older peers.

Supergirl Being Super No. 3 is everything that Smallville should have been and what the CW Supergirl series should be.

The Flash No. 21 leads me to believe that the CW Flash series made Thawne’s ultimate fate more enjoyable.  The JSA tease really stoked the flames of interest.  The meeting between father and son was ~~~~.

Worthy Mentions:

Infamous Iron Man No. 7 is bittersweet in the sense that Doom seems to be making real progress in his reformation, especially with his discussion with Ben.  The next writer or Mega Event will return him to previous proud broken (and probably scarred) default.

Weapon X No. 2 surprised me a bit.  I enjoyed it far more than I expected.  The Vic & James banter was icing on the cake.

Black Panther No. 13 reminded me of classic Conan the Barbarian with the Serpentine baddies that they are facing.

Hulk No. 5 is a serious slow burn like a Hickman book.  It will probably be more enjoyable in trade format.

Kid Savage OGN made me realize how much I needed Tarzan in Space stories.

Suicide Squad No. 17 makes me wonder what Luthor gains by giving the Wall the right tools for the job.

X-O Manowar No. 2 filled the void left by Prophet and provided an enjoyable Conan in Space story.

Man-Thing No. 3 piqued my interest with Oldfather and Queen Irene.

Kamandi Challenge No. 4 continues to be a weird but entertaining series.

Doom Patrol No. 6 resolved the first arc smoothly and in a satisfying way.  It also makes me yearn for more Umbrella Academy in the process.

Loose Ends No. 4 dropped gasoline into an inferno and the action/intensity soared.  This series should be translated to the small screen or the big screen ASAP.

Teen Titans No. 7 dug the bond that’s forming between Wally & Raven. Damien reminds me of Invader Zim due to his leadership style & the other Titans’ Girr-like response to it.

Old Guard No. 3 feels like an extremely well written squad based FPS game.

Batman/The Shadow No. 1 is the comic book equivalent of a nice Banana, PB & J sammich.  The blend is so perfect, you wonder why this didn’t happen sooner.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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