Prescriptions for 3/15/17

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Pick of the Week:

East of West No. 32 reminds the reader what an excellent and layered villain Chamberlain is. He reminds me of JMS’s version of Loki in terms of his planning and strategic mind. The scene where his notoriety and fame were revealed to a young gunslinger was impressive. Here’s a character who is fearless and boastful (his skills are actually equal to his boasting) and is shaken by the revelation of a greater threat. Hard to believe, we’re 30+ issues into it.

God Country No. 3 did the unexpected by having Valofax be more than a talking weapon. It can actually do more and assist in combat outside of being swung by Quinlan. Emmet’s behavior felt so natural and organic. Who wouldn’t be reckless when something precious has been restored and you were in danger of losing it. Like Birthright, I can’t see this having a happy or ideal ending.

Injection No. 11 felt like an alternate universe where the next Doctor Who was a black woman and portrayed by Brigid Roth. I must say that I am a bit envious of Bri’s Sheela. I thought Ed from Cowboy Bebop was the epitome of the cool hacker type, but Brigid proved me wrong.

The Mighty Thor No. 17 asked a question that I had at the start of this arc. “How did the Sh’iar deities survive the attempted genocide by Gorr?” I love how Jane continues to use Mjolnir in ways that the Odinson never did. It will be a pity when it returns to the Odinson. I loved how the Asgardians defeated the Sh’iar forces with arrows and swords. It reminded me of every encounter that Kang has had with the Avengers.

The Wild Storm No. 2 made me wish that this happened a year or two ago so I could enjoy the completed project now. The reimagined Engineer and Void stand out to me both visually and characterization-wise. Void reminds me of Astrid from the Alternate Universe and the Engineer reminds me of a mix of Olivia and Bolivia. I am curious to see more of Bendix.

Worthy Mentions:

G.I. Joe No. 3 cemented that Dire Wraith is more or less Hasbro’s Skrulls.

Cave Carson No. 6 gave us an unexpected gruesome conclusion to Vertigo’s Atlantis.

Superman No. 19 added a wrinkle in the whole scheme of things that I found unnecessary.

Super Sons No. 2 made me wonder how this Kid Amazo relates to the previous version. The super duo might have surpassed Tim & Conner and ventured in Naruto/Sasuke territory.

I Hate Fairyland No. 11 made me wonder why this isn’t animated and on Adult Swim already. It is long overdue.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 25 made me admit that I love what the creative team is doing with Spider Tech and made me wish for an alternate universe where Pete was an agent of SHIELD and rode around in cool spider-themed vehicles.

Ms. Marvel No. 16 tickled me a bit that a sentient computer virus was able to discern somethings about Kamala’s friends that she was oblivious to. I am a bit surprised that Bruno is faring well in Wakanda. Previous comics gave me the impression that Wakandans didn’t like outsiders very much.

Kingpin No. 2 more or less reminds me of the Netflix’s version of Fisk.

The Burn Pile:

Many books were extra meh but nothing worth burning or mentioning.

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