Prescriptions for 2/8/16

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #5 cover header

Picks of the Week:

Birthright No. 22 surprised me with the reveal of Lore’s daughter’s other abilities.  This issue also gave us a taste of how powerful he truly is.  I wonder if Lore can truly be defeated and will the overall ending of the series be a tragic or bittersweet one.  The chances of Mikey being redeemed and living seems bleak.  Then again Sasuke Uchiha managed to accomplish both, Mikey’s more or less in the same boat.

Detective Comics No. 950 gave Cassandra, Jean-Paul, and Clayface some much needed time to shine.  It is compelling to see “monsters” trying to go against their inherent nature and be something more/different.  It definitely resonates with  Cassie’s and Clayface’s stories.

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme No. 5 explains the method behind Newton’s madness. He makes a compelling villain and an ideal foil for Strange.  He could be a dark reflection, the first corrupted Supreme.  Hope that his story extends beyond this series.

East of West No. 31 continues to be a modern epic with all the pieces being put into position.  I am curious to see how it ends, but I am convinced the series will have a tragic bittersweet end.

Moonshine No. 5 is a much-needed shot in the arm for the werewolf horror genre.  Guess the actions of the previous issue makes sense in the light of the strangeness of the situation.

The Flash No. 16 reminded and confirmed that the Rogues are the best villain’s gallery.

Worthy Mentions:
Action Comics No. 973 & Superwoman No. 7 showcases Lois and Lana’s ability to stand on their own and be compelling without Clark/Kal.  The other Clark Kent angle is a tad drawn out at this point.

Black Widow No. 11 has me a bit underwhelmed, I expected the next generation versions of the widow to give Natasha more trouble.

The Land Called Tarot TPB reminded me of a mix of the Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest (which is a good thing).

Divinity III: Shadowman and the Battle of New Stalingrad  No. 1 illustrated how to make an entertaining and compelling crossover event, the big two should take notes!

Guardians of the Galaxy No. 17 demonstrated how determined and unstoppable Gamora can be.

Hal Jordan & Green Lantern Corps No. 14 gave the first rebirth appearance of Space Cabbie and he surprisingly fits in nicely.

Justice League of America – Rebirth No. 1 gave us more or less a modern version of the Outsider.  I am surprised that Killer Frost is more of a concern than Lobo.

Justice League Power Rangers No. 2 somehow makes the campy Mighty Morphing Power Ranger work in the more serious DC universe.

Kingpin No. 1 reminded me of the Netflix iteration of Fisk.

Ms. Marvel No. 15 felt like Kamala was facing Agent Smith from the Matrix mixed with Kilo-Khan from Superhuman Samurai -Cyber Squad.

Power Man & Iron Fist No. 13 delighted me that Alex Wilder continues to shine a lead villain.

Red Hood & the Outlaws No. 7 reminded me of a superhero version of Of Mice and Men with Jason & Bizarro filling in for Lenny and George.

Savage Dragon No. 220 reminds me of the Dragon Ball series with Dragon as Son Goku and Malcolm as Gohan. You don’t see many western comics where the starring role transitions from father to son or where the time skips take place.

Star Wars – Dr. Aphra No. 4 had some Easter Eggs for the folk that caught Rogue One.

The Totally Awesome Hulk No. 16 introduce the Protectors which reminded me of the Crew.

The Unworthy Thor No. 4 makes me want to see more of Thori and Thor’s goat.  They stole the show in certain scenes.  I hope reclaiming Mjolnir doesn’t mean an end to the goat.  Something is more epic about a Viking riding a giant space goat into battle!

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