Prescriptions for 2/1/17

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Picks of the Week:
Avengers No. 4 made me wonder why Kang doesn’t have safeguards to prevent neanderthals for messing up his plans.  Kang has time on his side and knowledge yet continues to fall before Neanderthals!

Karnak No. 6 delivered a satisfying end to this jaded, snarky, trippy and brutal series.

Nightwing No. 14 is consistently the strongest Bat book and I love how Richard Grayson can carry a title on his own with an appearance from Bruce.

Nova No. 3 revealed that Death’s Head 1 is apparently a Canuck and more importantly what happened to Rich.

Superman No. 16 reminded me of the best parts of Final Crisis and Multiversity.  It seems like the death of a speedster is always the price for victory.

Worthy Mentions:
Aquaman No. 16 has a great balance, Arthur might be king of one of the largest nations but his hometown connections ground him.  Erika is sorta like his Ganke.

Death of Hawkman No. 5 had a Thanagarian Green Lantern… the only thing that topped this was when Big Barda became a Green Lantern and her ring fused with her mother box.

Batman No. 16 don’t know why Bruce eating a burger with a knife & fork weirded me out.  I am surprised that Bruce did take more precautions considering recently losing Tim and knowing how Bane plays for keeps.

Divinity 3 Stalinverse No. 2 amazed me at how efficiently Ninjak took down Bloodshot.  It reminded me of all the forum posts that stated all Batman needs is prep time to defeat any foe.  It seems like the same applies to Ninjak.

Green Lanterns No. 16 surprised me that no one briefed the rookies about Bat’s feelings about guns.  I am surprised that he never received a Sinestro Corps Ring earlier.

Justice League No. 14 reminded me of an amalgamation of the Hitch-Ellis run of the Authority & Porter-Morrison run of JL with a dash of the Hitch-Millar run of the Ultimates.

Midnighter & Apollo No. 5 something awesome about someone beating the living tar of the devil (heard some Christian folk expressing that desire).  It also made me wonder why Bats never had some mystical/magical precautions on him considering how many spell casters he knows.  Part of me is wondering why his rogue gallery wasn’t waiting in Hell to greet considering how many of them he ended.

Moon Knight No. 11 continues to rain down trippy and thought-provoking goodness.

Old Man Logan No. 17 had a strong aliens vibe… would love to see that on film.  Wolverine dicing up the Brood in space.

Paper Girls No. 11 amazes how integral Apple seems to be in this overall tale.  I hope the creative team eventually explain origins of the weird age war

Star Wars No. 28 gave Yoda more time to shine on his own.

The Unstoppable Wasp No. 2 made me want to see a new Future Foundation starring Moon Girl, Wasp and Iron Heart.

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