The Doktor’s Prescriptions for 4/13/16


Picks of the Week:

A-Force No. 4

I loved how the heroes rallied together to take down Antimatter.  The return of Dazzler was expected and welcomed.The bond between them reminded me of the Secret Wars miniseries.  They had a Fantastic Four meets the Bundy overall vibe.  The diner scene was something else.

Autumnland No. 10

The characters and the world they inhabit never cease to interest me.  Dusty has such a positivity about him.  For some reason, the Irish/Scottish goat dude tickles me.

Darth Vader No. 19

This series makes me upset on one level because Vader was never portrayed with such depth on the silver queen.  I never thought I would say this but Marvel is doing a superb job with the franchise.

Illuminati No. 6

This issue hurts, it perfectly illustrated how cruel SHIELD’s prison is.  It trapped Creel in an insidious lie and gave him a taste of joy that he will never attain.  It aggravates the hurt by damaging things between him and Titania.

Red Wolf No. 5

This book is such a treat to me as a fan of the weird western genre.  It is not as deep as East of West and has less players.  Red Wolf is an awesome character, I appreciate it his deductive ability especially in a universe where folk rely on posthuman powers and technology.

Star Wars Special – CP30 No. 1

It was such an enjoyable book and touching explanation for the red arm. It made me like that gold plated snob more.

Weirdworld No. 5

It had butterflies holding a machine gun and blasting a lava troll! This has to be one of the most epic things I have seen a Marvel comic in ages.  The biplane with the eyeball and its dog pilot stole some scenes.  I am glad that Le Fay was given some depth.

On the Fence:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D No. 4 irked me because it retold a recent story.

All-New Inhumans No. 6 tickled me because One Punch Man is an Inhuman.

All-New X-Men No. 8 fell flat.

All-New, All-Different Avengers No. 8 provides some insight into Grail’s history and motivation.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 10 drag this arc a bit too long.

Citizen Jack No. 6 is such an oddball tale.

Hercules No. 6 felt weak.

Jupiter’s Circle No. 6 provides the framework to the events that unfolded in the main series.

Monstress No. 5 is a great example of world building.

Moon Knight No. 1 is so-so.

Rocket Racoon and Groot No. 4 is alright.

Shutter No. 20 was a nice sweet tale.

Silver Surfer No. 3 reminded me of Dr. Who, especially with that sacrifice.

Spider-Gwen No. 7 is shaping into something interesting.

Spidey No. 4 felt flat.

The Unbeatable Gwenpool No. 1 was a fun issues.

Web Warriors No. 6 was meh!

Nah, Just Nah:

Nothing was that repugnant or odious this week IMO.

A married pleasantly plump collection of flesh, blood, bones, tears, & hope