Comic Book Chronicles Interview with JM Ringuet

This is a special episode of the Comic Book Chronicles as I had the pleasure of interviewing JM Ringuet, creator of the 4-issue limited series Repossessed, published by Image Comics.  The synopsis for Repossessed reads,

In a world where Demon possessions are commonplace it’s up to a crew of overworked blue-collar repo guys to repossess the victims with old grimoires and big guns. The Dee Agency is hired by a rich NYC banker to repossess his daughter Sarah who ran away to Vegas. But the job is tougher than they expected and Demons of all sorts start popping up on the trail.

Some of the items JM Ringuet and I discussed are:

— His early days of working in the video game industry
— How he came up with the concept for Repossessed
 The challenges faced when doing the writing and art for a comic book
 Future projects, and advice Ringuet would give to up and coming comic book creators
 And much more!

Make sure to check out Repossessed at your local comic book store or online retailer of choice.  Ringuet’s website is where you can find information on the comic and artwork.  He can also be followed on Twitter @jmringuet as well.

A very special thanks goes out to our newest contributor on the website, EmpressGeek, for helping me prepare for this interview.  You can follow her on Twitter @EmpressiveGeek.

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